The 1,000 Mile Walk of Great Britain

1000 Mile Walk


The 1,000 Mile Walk is my creation and my personal tribute to the fantastic walking on offer in all of Great Britain. I walked 1,000 miles (1,120 actually) from Faraid Head, a peninsula on the northern coast of Scotland and near to Durness which is the most north westerly village of Scotland to Lizard Point in Cornwall, the most southerly point of England in one continuous journey which took three months to complete. On the journey I sought out some of the best and most spectacular places for walking in our magnificent diverse landscape including dramatic mountains, cascading waterfalls, limestone pavements, enclosed gorges, beautiful lakes and rivers, buildings of incredible beauty and much more besides. And apart from the land we are blessed to share with all the wonderful animals I encountered I lived and absorbed the culture of Great Britain, both past and present, by engaging with people I met on the walk in a land of such diversity. I made the company of a complete range of characters I met on the journey and conversed with people of varying dialects and cultures, enjoying all. I had the most fantastic journey which is covered in all my daily blogs so if you are interested in finding out more then please read them. I sincerely invite you to read my story.

As for the route I spent many hours looking at maps to determine a course in which every day offered the best walking possible in the local environment. Fortunately in Great Britain we have many Long Distance Paths, National Trails, walks, paths and tracks and I tried to utilise as many as possible to plot my course down the length of Great Britain. I set off from Faraid Head near Durness on the north-west coast of Scotland and took advantage of the Cape Wrath Trail to Fort William. Note the trail is not marked and not signed. It showed, many parts were difficult terrain to walk and in parts there were no paths to follow which meant I had to navigate my own course. From my blogs you will note my following of the Cape Wrath Trail was a tough challenge. Once in Fort William and sufficiently recovered I followed the West Highland Way to Glasgow and then I made my way through Glasgow. South of Glasgow I plotted a course through the spectacularand under rated Southern Uplands before I reached the Borders and crossed into England to begin a short journey through the Lake District, on my course bagging a few more Wainwright Fells for my collection. Then the Yorkshire Dales and Pennines were negotiated before reaching the Peak District. Middle England beckoned and by utilising the sadly neglected Staffordshire Way but much better Limestone Way and Heart of England Way I skirted Birmingham to start the Cotswold Way which took me on a wonderful week long walk to Bath. After the old roman centre I walked the West Mendips to Cheddar Gorge and then headed west to the coast of Somerset. The edge of the Quantock Hills was next before I headed for Dartmoor and then Bodmin Moor before making a course south to the coast and eventually reaching Lizard Point. Just like at cool games from or friv games club. You can also try Candy Crush at!

The walk, while a personal one was also in support of the 'Building Better Futures' charity which provides young people from less well off homes a better start in life. I hope, with the help of friends and the Walking Englishman community to raise as much as I possibly can. To support me and contribute to the charity make a donation at my Just Giving page. Thank you.

Stages of the walk:

Stage From/ To Date (2011) Miles Kilometres Ascent (m) Time taken
1 Faraid Head to Kyle of Durness 20 May 4.5 7.1 90 1.5 hours
2 Kyle of Durness to Rhiconich 21 May 13.0 21.0 353 5.0 hours
3 Rhiconich to Loch Stack 22 May 8.0 12.8 441 7.0 hours
4 Lock Stack to Unapool 23 May 11.0 17.8 668 6.0 hours
5 Unapool to Inchnadamph 24 May 13.2 21.3 1,085 11.0 hours
REST DAY 25 May        
6 Inchnadamph to Knockan 26 May 12.9 20.8 493 6.0 hours
7 Knockan to Drumrunie 27 May 11.8 19.0 660 6.0 hours
8 Drumrunie to Morefield 28 May 8.1 12.9 270 4.0 hours
9 Morefield to Ullapool 29 May 2.8 4.4 95 1.0 hour
10 Ullapool to Corrie Hallie 30 May 14.3 23.2 810 7.0 hours
11 Corrie Hallie to Kinlochewe 31 May 19.6 31.5 1,038 12.0 hours
REST DAY 01 June        
12 Kinlochewe to Strathcarron 02 June 17.1 27.5 684 11.0 hours
13 Strathcarron to Loch na Leitreach 03 June 15.9 25.6 768 9.0 hours
14 Loch na Leitreach to Invershiel 04 June 8.9 14.3 645 6.0 hours
15 Invershiel to Cluanie Inn 05 June 12.4 20.0 538 7.0 hours
16 Cluanie Inn to Invergarry 06 June 23.1 37.2 706 10.0 hours
17 Invergarry to Strone 07 June 19.1 30.7 312 10.0 hours
18 Strone to Fort William 08 June 6.6 10.6 78 4.0 hours
RECOVERY DAY (INJURY) 09 June        
RECOVERY DAY (INJURY) 10 June        
19 Fort William to Lochan Lunn Da Bhra 11 June 5.3 8.5 341 2.5 hours
20 Lochan Lunn Da Bhra to Kinlochleven 12 June 7.5 12.1 282 4 hours
21 Kinlochleven to Glencoe Mountain Resort 13 June 10.1 16.2 750 5 hours
22 Glencoe Ski Resort to Auchtertyre 14 June 19.5 31.4 611 9 hours
23 Auchtertyre to Inversnaid 15 June        
24 Inversnaid to Milton of Buchanan 16 June        
25 Milton of Buchanan to Hillfoot 17 June        
26 Hillfoot to Newton 18 June        
27 Newton to Dalserf 19 June        
28 Dalserf to Lanark 20 June        
29 Lanark to Biggar 21 June        
30 Biggar to Drumelzier 22 June        
31 Drumelzier to St Mary's Loch 23 June        
32 St Mary's Loch to Over Phawhope 24 June        
33 Over Phawhope to Langholm 25 June        
REST DAY 26 June        
34 Langholm to Longtown 27 June        
35 Longtown to Carlisle 28 June        
36 Carlisle to Caldbeck 29 June        
37 Caldbeck to Keswick 30 June        
38 Keswick to Nab Scar, Rydal 01 July        
39 Nab Scar, Rydal to Staveley 02 July        
40 Staveley to Sedburgh 03 July        
41 Sedburgh to High Birkwith 04 July        
42 High Birkwith to Airton 05 July        
43 Airton to Oakworth Moor 06 July        
44 Oakworth Moor to Hebden Bridge 07 July        
45 Hebden Bridge to Diggle 08 July        
46 Diggle to Glossop 09 July        
47 Glossop to Peak Forest 10 July        
48 Peak Forest to Hartington 11 July        
49 Hartington to Eaton Dovedale 12 July        
50 Eaton Dovedale to Rugeley 13 July        
51 Rugeley to Lichfield 14 July        
52 Lichfield to Nether Whitacre 15 July        
53 Nether Whitacre to Chadwick End 16 July        
54 Chadwick End to Stratford upon Avon 17 July        
55 Stratford upon Avon to Chipping Campden 18 July        
56 Chipping Campden to Winchcombe 19 July        
57 Winchcombe to Birdlip 20 July        
58 Birdlip to Painswick 21 July        
59 Painswick to Dursley 22 July        
60 Dursley to Hawkesbury Upton 23 July        
61 Hawkesbury Upton to Wick 24 July        
62 Wick to Bath 25 July        
63 Bath to Compton Martin 26 July        
64 Compton Martin to Axbridge 27 July 9.7 15.6 428 4.0 hours
65 Axbridge to Burnham on Sea 28 July        
66 Burnham on Sea to Bridgwater 29 July        
67 Bridgwater to Wellington 30 July        
68 Wellington to Tiverton 31 July        
69 Tiverton to Morchard Bishop 01 August        
70 Morchard Bishop to South Zeal 02 August        
71 South Zeal to Stowford 03 August        
72 Stowford to Five Lanes 04 August        
73 Five Lanes to Churchtown 05 August        
74 Churchtown to Indian Queens 06 August        
75 Indian Queens to Truro 07 August        
76 Truro to Gweek 08 August        
77 Gweek to Lizard Point 09 August        

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